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    Darkness ChasersV1.8
    [ Скачать с сервера (1.35Mb) ] 10.02.2009, 23:18
    Название карты: DarknessChasers
    Автор карты: [K40$]-Spectre
    Жанр: Role Playing Game/RPG
    Версия: 1.8
    Язык: Английский
    Кол-во игроков: 1-4
    Поддержка компьютера: нет
    Размер: 127x127
    Ландшафт: Dalaran Ruins
    Обновлённая, от 04 февраля 2009 года, версия очень качественной и интересной, в меру сложной RPG карты для четырёх игроков. Карта добавляется на сайт уже не в первый раз, и хочется отметить что в предыдущие разы она получила на нашем сайте очень хорошие оценки.

    New update contains:
    - items sold at the Potion Shop cost less gold to purchase.
    - Meat Wagons do now attack, to compensate this, Cold Bashers are made a little stronger and have a new passive ability.

    Old updates contain:
    - new experience system which is based on the amount of players.
    - new enemy unit.
    - Coldbasher has sound fixed and attack anim looks better now.
    - buff from Bloodrage fixed.
    - + some other minor things.
    - map changes (terrain and paths) here and there.
    - new monster spawn points.
    - elixer of spectralform bug fixed.
    - some map changes here and there.
    - added a new enemy units.
    - increased the life regeneration of all player hero's by 0,5.
    - changed a creep unit.
    - fixed a bug with the pirate ships.
    - explore the cathedral north-West.
    - disease wards no longer can be destroyed
    and they are stronger and only effect
    non-skeletan and non-ghost monsters.
    - few balances and small changes made.
    - all hero skills have now 7 levels.
    (the seventh level of hero skills
    gives the normal increasing bonus and
    something extra (like higher cast range).
    - new extra area.
    - items cost more gold, shadows weaker,
    some descriptions fixed, hero's regenerate
    +1 hit point and some enemies changed.
    - terrain improved and changed more.
    - bug fixed.
    - new extra area.

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