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    IsleStrike v1.0
    [ Скачать с сервера (1.25Mb) ] 11.02.2009, 08:49
    - More over 48 uniques hero.
    - Random Event System: Each event period will not be the same.
    - Random Creep System: Each creep spawn type will be varies.
    - Combine Charge System: Mixed all charges item in to one.
    - Anti-Same Item System: A designed system that allowed 1 item-type hero can carry.
    When two or more item is carried this system will be removed and returns your gold.
    - Multiple wave system: This allow spell just like shockwave or carrion swarm can
    split into 3 waves at once and damage is also the same.

    Game mode:
    -nm (Nightmare Mode) Player and allied computer life reduced to 80%
    -hell (Hell Mode) Life Player and allied computer life reduced to 50%
    -rd (Random) Random your hero.
    -ar (All Random) Random hero for every player.
    -hv (Heaven Mode) Reduced hostile computer life to 75%. (Great!)
    -hc (Hardcore Mode) Player and allied computer life reduced to 50%, no reincarnation in this mode.

    Special: type -bk to by incunabalum to your hero.

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    by seregkaz ^_^Хостинг от uCoz